Six recipes to make the best of UBC Farm’s seasonal produce

September 25th, 2012 § Comments Off on Six recipes to make the best of UBC Farm’s seasonal produce § permalink

If you’ve happened to pursue my short, but still growing, archives anytime recently you will have noticed the distinct lack of seasonal fall recipes. At the surface, this paints a pretty shameful picture for a food blogger. If I were in your place, dear reader, I would admonish me for staying stuck in the summer and failing to embrace all the delicious gourds and roots and opportunities for roasting, soups and more(!) that they represent.

Photo Kai Jacobson/The Ubyssey
But hold that tisking finger, at least for today (you may yet need it in the future). The reality is that I’ve been cooking up a storm over here, the main focus of which has been developing some simple, easy seasonal recipes aimed at students. These recipes were published today in an article over at the Ubyssey. Please check it out here:Six recipes to make the best of ubc farm seasonal produce!

My aim with this article was encourage students take advantage of the fantastic produce at UBC Farm – the same place I get most of my veggies from , which I’ll admit I’m always going on about – and to take the time to cook some healthy meals for themselves. The dishes themselves are pretty familiar autumn fare. The challenge was exploring methods different from how I would typically approach them, which would be more appropriate for students – namely, faster and using few tools. It was challenging, but also a lot of fun. Most importantly, the experience reminded me that even though I really enjoy taking a more involved approach to my cooking,it’s OK to take shortcuts and use the microwave sometimes. Who needs stove top oatmeal when you can sleep an extra 15 minutes?